What is a watch party?

A watch party involves getting together in a small group online (via zoom) to watch the service together and have discussion. You can also chat, pray and connect. Here is what you'll need:
A device with Zoom
You can use your computer, tablet or phone to download Zoom as well as watch the service
2 is a party
Commit to hosting at least 2 watch parties in the next six weeks
Host with the most
A heart to host and invite people. (we recommend a maximum of 12 people in your group)
Watch & Connect
Watch our Sunday Online Service together, have a little discussion and pray for each other.
It's that simple!
Let us know if you are keen to host a watch party (online) and we can equip you some more! Send us a DM, send us an email info@peopleschurch.co.za, or send us a WhatsApp +27 83 341 7179.

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