Who we are

We are warm

People are valuable, interesting.
They all have something to add to your life and they all have a fascinating journey to describe - all people. Not all people are good, but all people have good in them. “Warm” doesn’t mean we are naïve. We have a duty to guard and protect. Some have agendas.

We are purposeful

We are tough-minded and purposeful.
We know where we are going and we will not allow people to deflect us and to steer us. Not everyone will fit in with us. This we accept without feeling bad. We won’t try to please everyone.

We are in tune with society

We work at remaining current.
By this, we don’t mean faddish and modish. Fashions are short lived and can be ridiculous. To follow can be mindless. But we don’t want to be dated and stuck – we work at remaining in touch with trends and issues. The media and arts are important. We must remain sophisticated in our approach and thinking. We strive to remain current.

We are inclusive

In style, we seek a middle road.
People who are conservative by nature and the avant-garde should feel at home among us.

We are changing

We’re constantly trying new things, willing to make mistakes, not rigid and stuck in our ways.
We want to do better, so we can be more effective.

We belong to each other

We want to be a church where people feel ‘this is my home’.
This is a place of safety. A place where people rejoice at the variety of styles, personalities, and ages; a place where it is safe to express your individuality, and where you are accepted and feel, “Here I can flourish,” and “Here I am safe”.

We are creative

A place that isn’t boring and repetitive.
I see people arriving on a Sunday with a sense of anticipation – “I wonder how it’s going the be today?” Here people are creative.

We are helpful

We see a church that provides guidance on the issues that trouble people.
People will come in and go home helped and directed, having received hope and fresh courage. Here I am helped.

We are united

We see young and old enjoying church together – also rich and poor.
As they walk into the building the demographic cross section is striking. I see people drawing energy and comfort from each other. Just being together helps and strengthens. We see individuals melting together to form a mystical unity, so that the sermon and the programme aren’t the only things that people come for. They come for the gathering, true unity.

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Geoff and Wendy Bond

Senior Leaders of The People’s Church

The People’s Church is a part of the South African Assemblies Of God. Here we often say “People are important” or we are doing something “because God loves people”. We are a community of ordinary people, from a variety of backgrounds and a variety of age groups that believe that our ordinariness doesn’t mean that we can’t make a difference in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, in South Africa and in Africa. The chances are good that you will find some connection point with TPC. As you browse the website and see some of the things we believe, we do and we say you might respond by saying ” I could see myself fitting in with them”. If that’s you, then pay us a visit. You’ll find a warm welcome.

Here We Are Together.
Church – A Place that I can join.

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