Next Steps

Everyone has a next step to take. Our 3 week Next Steps Sunday Session is your “on-ramp” to the life of the church.

Our Next Steps Session happens every first 3 Sunday of the Month parallel with the preaching time of 09:00 Service at Sun Valley Campus and 11:00 & 19:00 Service at Constantia Campus.

1st Sunday of the Month

Know God

Start your journey of knowing God and your way to have a relationship with him here

2nd Sunday of the Month

Get Connected

No one is meant to do life alone! Get to know who we are as the church in this session and get to know how Connect Group works!

3rd Sunday of the Month

Discover Purpose & Make a Difference

Serving is the best way to discover the purpose that God has for your life. Discover your gifts, get clarity on the serving teams around the church. Join one of them & start making a difference!

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