The Marriage Course

As TPC, we are running the Alpha Marriage Course for all the married people in our community who are wanting to invest in their marriages.

Register before Monday, 24 May.

The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions, designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage.
You will be 'attending' the course in your own living room, and we will be sending you a 'date box' with your journals & small goodies to make your Wednesday date nights special. This will be available for those who are located in Cape Town. For those who are not in Cape Town, we will send the PDF version of the journal & some ideas for your own "date-box".
We will be meeting on Zoom for 5 minutes for a quick check-in and greeting, and from there we will give you each night's video link for you and your spouse to watch together. There will be spaces for conversation to allow you and your spouse to speak about how these things apply to your marriage specifically. All your conversations are completely private.
Date: 2 June - 14 July (Every Wednesday)
Time: Zoom Check-in @ 19:45

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