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The People’s Church has an extensive library of DVD based discussion material for use in our Connect Groups. An easy-to-use booking system ensures prompt availability of your DVD from the INFO DESK at both campuses. Please follow the steps below to book your DVD:
Booking of a Connect Group resource.
Step 1.

Select the DVD Series you’d like to use in your group. See the link below to download a copy of the Connect Group Resource Catalogue

Step 2.

Book your chosen DVD series by completing a BOOKING FORM. See the link below to download and print a copy. This form should be completed and submitted to the Info Desk at your particular Campus. Bookings take at least a week to process.
Note: Bookings made on a Sunday or Monday, will be available at the Info desk the following Sunday. Bookings placed after a Monday will only be available on the second Sunday after booking.

Step 3.

Collect your DVD (plus Participant’s Guide if available) from the Info Desk at any of the Sunday services.
Note: You’ll be asked to sign the issuing register on receipt of the study material.

Step 4.

Once your Connect Group has worked through the material, return the DVD to the Info Desk, at your particular Campus. Please ensure that you sign the register indicating the material has been returned.
Note: A COMMENT FORM will be included in the DVD package you receive. Please submit any comments you’d like to make concerning the DVD series your group has worked through and return this with the DVD.

Please note: a return date will be indicated on the DVD when you collect it from the Info Desk. If you’re unable to return it by that date, let the Info desk know, and make arrangements for an alternate return date.

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